FIDOCS Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago 


FIDOCS, the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival, is the main space for the meeting, dissemination and competition of documentary film in Chile and Latin America.


Aimed at promoting dialogue, reflection and the formation of audiences around documentary film in a broad sense and in permanent transformation, FIDOCS seeks to explore the diverse paths of documentary film and the drifts of non-fiction. This, incorporating in its program works by established and emerging filmmakers, where the question of ‘the real’ is addressed in multiple dimensions, tensing genres and disciplinary boundaries.


Throughout its history, FIDOCS has positioned itself as one of the most prominent festivals of the genre in Latin America, becoming a privileged space for critical thinking and contemporary cinema. Through its demanding selection, year after year, the festival not only brings together important exponents of the national and international audiovisual industry, but also establishes itself in the city of Santiago as a platform to question, interpret and rewrite the contemporary.


FIDOCS has two main competitive sections for the promotion, exhibition and positioning of Chilean and foreign films. These sections are: International Feature Film Competition and National Feature Film Competition.


FIDOCS also has a main industry activity, the Latin American competition of works in development PRIMER CORTE FIDOCS, where the jury, in addition to choosing a winner, provides feedback to filmmakers to complete the post-production of their films and encourage their dissemination and marketing.


Finally, the festival has important training and outreach activities such as: FIDOCS SCHOOL, where students from film and communications schools in Santiago are invited to attend lectures given by the festival’s main international guests; Master Classes open to the public by filmmakers who participate in the festival year after year; among others. In addition, in keeping with its interdisciplinary vocation, FIDOCS intends to accompany its functions with other artistic interventions such as installations, exhibitions, performances, plays, which, from their own expressive means, dialogue with the concept of documentary.