Sahraa Karimi / 56´ / 2009 / Eslovaquia / Slovakia / Betacam SP

Dirección / Direction: Sahraa Karimi
Producción / Production: Jan Oparty
Guión / Script: Sahraa Karimi
Sonido / Sound: Dusan Kozak
Edición / Editing: Petra Vladykova, Sahraa Karimi
Fotografía / Cinematography: Nikol Suplatova, Sahraa Karimi


The desire for freedom is basic to human nature all over the world. To obtain a driving license is becoming a key factor towards personal freedom for Afghan women. However, is the Afghan society prepared for women behind the wheel?


soloSahraa Karimi born in Kabul- Afghanistan in 1981. She immigrated to Iran, when she was only 15. After 5 years living in Iran she decided to immigrate again. Now she lives in Slovakia, where she has been granted asylum, she had been attending Slovak language course for the entry exam to the university. She is just finishing her studies at The Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Film and TV Faculty (FTF VŠMU) in Bratislava at Art Master Degree. Sahraa has directed several short films and documentaries herself, which won many prizes at the different film festivals around the world. Now she finished her debut film “Afghan Women Behind the Wheel”.








Araceli Santana / 70´ / 2010 / México / Mexico / Digibeta

Dirección / Direction: Araceli Santana
Producción / Production: Roberto Canales
Guión / Script: Araceli Santana
Sonido / Sound: Manuel Montaño
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pepe Guevara
Música Original / Original Music: Gustavo Reyes, Jetrho Carbonerll


Jorge Sosa was immersed from childhood onwards in schools and activities in which his homosexual orientation caused a conflict which ended when he decided to distance himself of his religion. Years later, he received the advice of a priest who managed to reconcile him with his faith, the same one that later led him to place himself at the head of a church whose mission is the reconciliation of individuals with a God who is far removed from the precepts dictated by the Catholic church, but above all with a God who encourages a full consciousness of their freedoms among his faithful.


pobreazaAraceli Santana Lacón was born in Mexico City on 31st July 1976. She is a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Las Américas, and holds an MA in Literary Appreciation and Creation from the Casa Lamm Culture Centre. She has a number of diplomas and seminar-workshops, including Scriptwriting for Shorts, Scriptwriting for Television, the Process of Documentary Creation and Cinematographic Appreciation and Creation. She has been a literature teacher at the University of Las Américas, and of Scriptwriting for Shorts at the Juan José Arreola Writers’ Centre at Casa Lamm. She is a member of the General Association of Writers of Mexico (SOGEM) and the Mexican Association of Directors and Makers of Audiovisual Works. Her literary production includes essays, stories and poems, but mainly consists of plays and films. She is a scriptwriter and director of the documentary, Blattangelus. She is currently working on her first novel and doctoral thesis in Literary Appreciation and Creation specialising in the novel at the Casa Lamm Culture Centre. She is also doing the preparatory research for her next full-length documentary project.





René Ballesteros / 65´ / 2009 / Chile, Francia / Chile, France / DVCAM

Dirección / Direction: René Ballesteros
Producción / Production: Frédéric Papon
Guión / Script: René Ballesteros
Sonido / Sound: René Ballesteros
Edición / Editing: Marco Burdiles , Yann-Elie Gorans, René Ballesteros
Fotografía / Cinematography: Catherine Rascon, Marina Meliande, René Ballesteros
Música Original / Original Music: S. Pinaud, J. Loeuille, E. Ramirez, R. Ballesteros


The director’s mother left Chile twenty-six years ago. The only trace is a small library of forbidden books.…


intimidadesRené Ballesteros, born in Temuco, in the south of Chile. He is a psychologist, specialising in working with street children in Chile. He has studied the cinema at the EICTV (Cuba), at Paris 8 University and at Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts (France). “La Quemadura” is his first full-length film.










Beatrice Möller / 58´ / 2010 / Alemania / Germany / DVCAM

Dirección / Direction: Beatrice Möller
Producción / Production: Kathrin Lemme, Michael Weihrauch
Guión / Script: Beatrice Möller
Sonido / Sound: Helen Neikes
Edición / Editing: Andreas Zitzmann
Fotografía / Cinematography: Rasmus Sievers
Música Original / Original Music: Eckart Gardow, Lungiswa Plaaitjies, Garth Erasmus


Everyone is equal in the new South Africa: black and white, Indian and Coloured. On a train ride aboard the Shosholoza Express, they encounter the rifts in their biographies. 20 years after the end of Apartheid, nothing is the same, but neither is anything the way it should be. All the passengers are on the same train, going in the same direction, but not all are in the same compartment.


presidenteBeatrice Möller, was born in Düsseldorf/Germany in 1979. She spent the first seven years of her childhood in Pretoria, South Africa. From 2001-2006 she studied visual communication at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. Her direction debut in documentary film was with “Omulaule means black” in 2003. This film was directed in collaboration with N. Hens and Susanne Radelhof. In 2006 she graduated from the Bauhaus University with the documentary “Shalom Salam”. In 2007 she was awarded a DAAD scholarship, going back to South Africa to work on her new film „Shosholoza Express“. She lives and works in Berlin.







Dariela Ludlow / 77´ / 2010 / México / Mexico / Digibeta

Dirección / Direction: Dariela Ludlow
Producción / Production: Dariela Ludlow E., Issa Guerra
Guión / Script: Dariela Ludlow
Sonido / Sound: Pablo Tamez, Fabiola Ramos
Edición / Editing: Miguel Schvwrdfinger
Fotografía / Cinematography: Dariela Ludlow
Música Original / Original Music: Gabriel Díaz Mercado


Carmen and Emeterio are an old married couple uwho are living out their final years in their house in Acapulco, the house that they built with their own hands. Time appears to have stood still for them, and no day is either more or less special than the previous one. All that is left to them is to wait. Carmen and Eme survive together while they await the imminent visit or their relatives.


macheraDariela Ludlow. Nació en Ciudad de México y se graduó en el Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. Como directora, rodó el cortometraje TR3S (2007), con el que ha participado en diversos festivales internacionales. Un día menos es su primer largometraje.








Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz / 59´ / 2009 / España, Italia / Spain, Italy / Digibeta

Dirección / Direction: Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz
Producción / Production: Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz
Guión / Script: Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz
Sonido / Sound: Alson
Edición / Editing: Manu Gerosa, Salva Muñoz
Fotografía / Cinematography: Ana Izquierdo
Música Original / Original Music: Luca Sera, Lorenzo Magnaghi


Kamenge, Northern Quarters is a photograph of the soul of a complete country: Burundi
The stories and looks of those who did not leave the Northern districts are mixed with the life of Alexis Sinduhije, who in 2007 left his job as a journalist to create a new political party.


princesaMaru Gerosa and Salva García. After a number of experiences, we both decided to be self-employed so as to be able to learn more things through different kinds of productions and have more time for our personal projects. Since then, we have been working as freelance producers and editors on a number of productions in Spain and Italy. In the past, we have used the money that we have earned in our work to development and subsidise some personal projects, such as shorts and reports, until the last few years when we have been working on our first full-length documentary: “Kamenge, Northern Quarters”.






Jill Coulon / 83´ / 2009 / Francia, Japón / France, Japan/ Digibeta

Dirección / Direction: Jill Coulon
Producción / Production: Thomas Balm
Guión / Script: Jill Coulon
Sonido / Sound: Eric Rey
Edición / Editing: Alex Cardon
Fotografía / Cinematography: Jill Coulon, Byamba Sakhya


Takuya is 18, with tousled hair and an athletic look. Driven by his father and sponsors, he leaves his hometown in Hokkaido to go to Tokyo and join a sumo stable. There, he will share everything with the 10 other wrestlers: communal life, training, social life and tournaments.


odiseaJill Coulon has been working in production companies for more than 7 years, both with international producer Christine Le Goff and famous documentary director Thomas Balmès. «A Normal Life» is her first film as director.